Ender-2 Mods

January 20, 2018

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I recently purchased an Ender2 3D printer for around $200 and it's working amazing well! Still learning how to fine tune all the settings.

Here's the mods that I've been making.

Belt Tensioner remixed and inspired by fooyabt

A 8mm diameter brass tube was cut to length and used to hold the bearings in place. The small washes where used on the X-axis belt tensioner to keep the bearing centre.

Place the brass tube through the bearing.
Slide them into place.
I designed my version to give a lot more slack on the belt to make it easier to adjust things.
The Creality Ender-2 with my belt tensioners and a few other mods, that I'll update here later.
With this set up it's much easier to get the wheels under the build plate, that often become loose after a few prints.

Desima | Ender-2 Belt Tensioner Files

  Here's my Cura profile for the Ender-2, based of Nerys.

Here's the PLA Cura Profile

Here's my Vase profile, turned out beutifully for this vase that I designed.

Here's the CURA PLA Vase Profile

  This is by far my favourite upgrade and was totally unexpected. I purchased some Anet A8 Nozzles. I'm not sure if it was just because they are new clean nozzles or just better made then what comes with the Ender-2, but there was a noticble improvement in print quality.

I download and printed this filament guide from Thingiverse, works great to stop the 1.75mm filament from rubbing on the Z-rod. However it made this squeky sound, so I used a short peice of PTFE tubing in the hole and now it runs smooth and quiet.