June 9, 2016

So I decided to build my own terrarium, follow these steps to make something beautiful, but will look terrible later. Learn from my mistakes.

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Some useful tools, this little shovel and spade.

Select some decorative rocks and some pretty succulents.

I gently removed most of the soil from around the roots.

Place all the plants into the terrarium. Make sure you have a bit more space than what I have done here.

Use a rolled up piece of paper to make a funnel to pour the rocks into place. Some will land on your plants, but we'll remove them later.

Use tweezers to remove the little rocks that land in the wrong place.

Use different layers and types of plants with a complementary color palette to keep things looking great. Don't forget to take photo with a shallow depth of field to show of on your blog.

Quickly take some pretty photos to show of on pinterest, but seriously this terrarium was a failure. I ended up over watering it, I didn't create all the proper layers. It really needs a layer of bigger rocks on the bottom and then at the very least a good mix of potting soil with those rocks. After that a thin layer of sand on the top would have looked great. This terrarium is actually quite large, but you can't tell in the photos. Sand would have given it more scale and hence looked bigger.

Hope this helped you, and don't make the same mistakes as me.