March 3, 2016

So yesterday I visited a ceramics factory for the new product that I am working on. I can’t tell you too much about it just yet, but it’s related to aquaponics. I’d been searching for a ceramic manufacturer for a while, but most them have said they aren’t able to make it. As the product is new, and the factory didn’t understand it, it was very off putting to them. This factory is located here in Guangzhou China, they had no troubles at all working out my design. The factory is run by a Taiwanese family. The factory was really well run and organised. I had visited a smaller local ceramics factory before in Foshan, but that place was dirty, and the products really poorly made. This place on other hand, they produced products for artist and had a really amazing quality. They were strict about what I was allowed to photograph and what I wasn’t. The workers seemed happy, and very professional at their job. Overall I was very impressed, my only hesitation is that their MOQ(minimum order quantity) is a little high. I’ll receive a quote from them tomorrow for my product. To give you an idea about how excited I am for this new product, that I think many of you will love, especially if you have children you want to teach about aquaponics. My wife last night said I was raving on about the factory in my sleep.(Yes, I sleep talk) Enjoy the pictures, I was allowed to take, and if you have any questions about it, ask away.